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When you are reading this please hear this song 'Noah And The Whale - Shape Of My Heart' :)

     Yeah,I know I have been harsh or even giving you looks.But I am sorry.I really regret on doing all the bad things i have done to you and yes i did say '....Maybe...Cuz I Have My Reasons'.On that part I'll be honest I was gonna get a tear drop falling although I am a boy LOL.I am sorry on whatever I have done to make you feel insecure or even feeling uncomfortable being with me 'I Am Really Sorry'.Now i see you have someone.You should really keep on doing whatever you have done and I am really glad that he is the right man for you.He is a good kid with a sincere heart and I should really thank him for being able to make you happy :).

  The main reason I am not being able to be free with you is because i just heard from a friend of mine(Guna Raj) that people have been talking behind your back about 'You have been using Me'.I am sorry but i think this is the best for us.I am doing all this sheet is to make things more clearer so that I wont be the reason to make you feel uncomfortable with your friends teasing you,not anymore.If i knew sooner I would have back off even more but i am sorry i was blind back then.I was a stubborn child.You must have suffered a lot from that and 'I am dreadfully sorry'.Remember back then,you cried because of the 'Majlis Restu and the principal calling all the people who got PLKN'?yeah you cried and someone saw you sobbing.I said to the guy Oh shes crying because of something i cant remember but i said something stupid.i knew you were crying because you cant see all the faces that teacher had been with you saying this and that.I didnt want it to make it obvious.I am sorry if you think I was making fun of you.

   I do all that things are from my heart.I bought that bike for you is because i saw your list LOL I am sorry for peeking your list but i saw 'Fixie' in it and I thought 'Oh since i cant get you all the other stuff maybe i should get her this since this is the easiest :)'.Yes you say there is no one have done this for someone n i replied ' can even find all this at the side of the street'.I said this because in my opinion I am really thankful for being with me although I have been a bad habit for you.Remeber 'The Picnic'? On that time,I wanted to do that because I saw this one video '… i saw this i thought of something to do for you.It was an adventure for me doing all that :).It was a great experience finding extra keys n buying flowers(to be a gentlemen xD).eating that chocolate mousse was delicious especially with you :).
   One day I was at 'Mai Street' eating with Aliff.I ask Aliff who else were here just now and he said a couple of friends and geek.I asked again how did geek go back home?.Aliff told me that she went with Iqbal.There I was gazing to the trees with wind blowing.When aliff is having his lunch I closed my eyes to make all the bad assumptions will disappear because I promise her that i wont make any assumptions on whatever she does.There again I visualise them walking as i shut my eyes leaning on the table n shouted 'BODOH AH' meaning STUPID.Suddenly i realise that i was shouting aimlessly.I said sorry to Aliff of my shouting.I didnt know what was I thinking on that time I wasnt mad because geek got back home with Iqbal.Its because I promised to her that I wont get mad nor even assume on things.I do too know you need your time.Spending the time with your own will.Thats why I didnt talk to you for a while but then you didnt wanted to talk to me soo i let it be.

  Geek I am truly sorry on what have ever happened in the past 5 years.For me its been a really wonderful 5 years spending my precious time with you :).I am sorry if my english is really bad x).well Bites :B

                                                                           |    -Happiness                                    |
                                                                           |    -Someone who can take care of you  |
                                                                           |    -Giving all the love you needed          |
                                                                       Below are list on what i really wanted you to have.
                                                                                                                                                                              Sincerely : RIP311


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likes drawing :D

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